What about you?

When I listen to F L O A T I N G M E, it feels as if I’m cheating on Cog.

Dumb, Drunk & Racist on ABC2

Another good episode of Dumb, Drunk and Racist on ABC2. Seemingly, it’s the extremist groups lying at either ends of the spectrum, causing the friction and getting the negative attention which pressure the bureaucrats into drawing up policies which suit only the minority. I was hoping to see an Indigenous Australian’s view on the people who are anti-multicultural, just to weigh it down and get a broader opinion. As a species, we still have a lot to learn.


Now that’s a party

Dumb, Drunk & Racist on ABC2

Just finished watching Dumb, Drunk & Racist on ABC2, and I have to say it has opened my eyes on a few issues that come up in small talk down at the pub. I am looking forward to seeing the series out, and I am eager to see the reactions of both majority and minority groups about dealing with this ever-growing accepted/unaccepted matter.